Work in Progress

A. Working Papers

  • Giada Di Stefano, Francesca Gino, Gary Pisano, and Bradley Staats. Making experience count: The role of reflection in individual learning. Reject & Resubmit. download

A brief summary of this research has been featured as the “Stat Watch” item in the 2014 July-August issue of the Harvard Business Review. During the 2016 Strategic Management Society Annual Conference, this paper received the Best Paper Award from the Behavioral Strategy Interest Group.

  • Giada Di Stefano and Cedric Gutierrez. To micro or too micro? On the use of experiments in strategy research. Submitted for review.

B. Research in Progress

  • Organizational responses to status gains: Strategic conformity and the role of customer evaluations (with Saverio D. Favaron and Rodolphe Durand)
  • Learning from customer reviews: Source credibility and emotional interference (with Saverio D. Favaron)
  • Examining the effect of status loss on strategic decisions (with Saverio D. Favaron and Andrew A. King)
  • Communalism and secrecy in science (with Maria Rita Micheli)
  • Experiments on co-location and knowledge sharing (with Martin Hetu and Elena Novelli)
  • The benefits of sharing without reciprocity (with Francesca Gino, Gary Pisano, Bradley Staats)
  • Market for ignorance (with Tomasz Obloj)