Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation and entrepreneurship involve identifying innovative high-potential commercial opportunities, gathering resources such as talent and capital, and managing rapid growth and significant risks using principled decision-making skills. An entrepreneurial perspective is also a wonderful way of thinking to tackle new opportunities in government, social ventures, and life.

Topics introduced in this course are relevant to students pursuing a career in entrepreneurship or any “innovation-based” industry. The course also benefits students seeking to advance their knowledge of strategy in the context of any challenging, rapidly changing environment. As such, the course is designed to meet the needs of future managers, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Cases, lectures, and projects focus on emerging and established firms in a number of different industries for which innovation is a key determinant of competitive advantage, such as information technology, biotechnology, consumer products, and entertainment.

We will start by looking for potential innovative opportunities to pursue. We will then try to “incubate” these potential projects, by giving students the chance to use the tools provided by the lecturer to develop their ideas further, thus putting in practice what they learn in the classroom.