Advanced Readings in Strategy

This is a doctoral-level seminar designed to expose Ph.D. students to some of the most recent and interdisciplinary topics in strategic management research. The field of strategic management is fundamentally concerned with understanding why some firms perform better than others.

We will approach this general issue by examining key components of the economic exchange, spanning governance mechanisms, knowledge exchange and creation, technological change, goals, and finally, outcomes of these productive relationships. We will also focus on the question of the core properties of organizations defined by interdependent nature of activities. Finally, in this seminar, we will pay particular attention to the basic assumptions underlying analyzed models, including assumptions about individuals and markets. To this end, we will draw extensively from related disciplinary research in the fields of economics, sociology, and psychology.

We will touch upon a range of different contributions, from the theoretical to the empirical, and from the classic to the current. We will also discuss about the gestation and review process of two working papers dealing with two of the topics covered during the course. This should help students begin to familiarize with the process of getting published.