SnO Research Day 2017

Thank you to all the participants to the 3rd SnO Research Day @ HEC on May 30-31, 2017!

© Marcella Barbieri

The SnO Research Center proudly welcomed the 3rd edition of the SnO Research Day. The workshop brought together members of SnO for two days of intense intellectual exchanges over new ideas, research trajectories, and working papers.

A special thanks to our three keynote speakers:

  • Laurence Capron, INSEAD
  • William Ocasio, Northwestern University
  • Celia Moore, Bocconi University

The event was co-organized by Giada Di Stefano and Rodolphe Durand from HEC, with the invaluable help of Patricia Biron.

© Marcella Barbieri

Click here for a copy of the program.

All graphics for the SnO Research Day © Rubinia Di Stefano